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Here’s a superb new online slot sites game from Eyecon Gaming. If you’ve felt the rush of grabbing a loveable plush prize in a claw grabber at the arcade, you’re certain to want to cuddle up to Fluffy Favourites online slots game. This game conjures up the memory of childhood days out at the funfair, riding on the Ferris wheel, eating candyfloss, and trying your best to win yourself a huge fluffy toy on one of the arcades. 

Though fairground games can be tricky, and not always feel as ‘fair’ as their name suggests (who hasn’t spent all their spare change once or twice throwing balls at a coconut shy, trying in vain to hook a rubber duck, or attempting to shoot a basketball through a deceptively-high hoop?  Fluffy Favourites slot online games, though, will restore your faith in the fairground. 

How to Play Fluffy Favourites Slot

There are numerous chances to potentially win with its plentiful bonus features, and all from the comfort of your living room couch, with no physical effort involved! 

The delightful design and cheerful theme of Fluffy Favourites is definitely enticing, and sure to appeal to novice slots players.  Don’t be completely deceived by the cuddly exterior of this game, however, into thinking this isn’t a fully-fledged, feature-packed chance at some pretty big wins.  When you delve beneath the surface, it provides everything a seasoned slots fanatic could need or want. 

Fluffy Favourites has a real carnival atmosphere, with a big top circus tent visible in the background, a beautiful rainbow on the right and, in the top centre, a dazzling sun peeking over the reels.  The symbols are all cute stuffed animals you’d love to win in an arcade, including purple hippos, bright blue rhinos, yellow ducks, pandas, lions, and clownfish, as well as more mythical creatures like pink dragons. 

The reels spin with a satisfying, realistic-sounding ‘clunk’, and you get a real sense of playing a physical slot machine.  Wins are accompanied by traditional arcade trills, and Fluffy Favourites five reels slot provide 25 paylines, and the payline numbers are clear and colour-coded, standing out boldly on little clouds all the colours of the rainbow.  

Fluffy Favourites Free Spins and Bonus Features

The Fluffy Favourites slots game is absolutely brimming with bonus features, including:  

  • SCATTERS – 3 or more scattered claw symbols on the reels trigger the Toybox Pick feature, which awards the player one pick for each SCATTER symbol.  Each of these picks can yield a win of up to 100 times the total wager, which makes this potentially an astoundingly lucrative bonus feature. 
  • Even more SCATTERS –If 3, 4 or 5 of these elephant symbols appear on the reels, you’ll be awarded 15, 20 or 25 free spins, and also triple your line win prizes.  Free spins can be triggered up to 15 times, too. 
  • WILDS –they say elephants are incredibly intelligent animals, and this is certainly true in Fluffy Favourites, because this pink elephant symbol can multi-task.  Specifically, it can also act as a WILD symbol, substituting for any symbol apart from a claw SCATTER symbol, and doubling your prize when it appears in a win line.  You’ll know when your elephant is ‘wild’, because it will break into a sweet little dance, wiggling its trunk back and forth! 
  • Gamble – an extra feature that keeps the gameplay exciting is the option to gamble your wins.  The Gamble button takes you to a purple-velvet curtained screen that resembles the interior of a psychic’s tent, and presents you with two playing card symbols, flanking a Tarot-style pink elephant card.  Choose red or black, and the elephant card will flip over to reveal a win or a loss. 

This slot is stuffed to the brim with winning opportunities, and though the artwork is delightful and the graphics immersive, the real star here are the features.  Everything a traditional slots fan might expect is here.  Buttons under the reels make it easy to customise your game.  You can alter the number of lines, change your stake, or activate the Autoplay feature, at the click of a mouse.  The ‘options’ button provides additional information about bonuses, paylines and symbols, and you can turn the sound on and off, should you wish to. 

Eyecon - Slot Game Developers

Eyecon are a notable name in land-based gaming, though they move with the times.  They have transferred the unique appeal of their brand to online slots games, and more lately mobile gaming, with outstanding success.  The traditional aesthetic of their online slots speaks to their extensive experience bringing land-based games to a captivated public, and the appeal of many of their games lies in their familiar charm. 

The large contingent of slots players who long for a good old, heart-warming, classic slots experience will relish what they have to offer, and those sceptical about the transition from land-based fruit machines to their digital counterpart will surely find Eyecon’s titles have great appeal.  Some more games from Eyecon include: 

  • Enchanted Prince
  • 99 Time
  • Frooty Licious
  • Stampede
  • Unicorn Bliss
  • Fluffy Favourites FREE Spins

You'll see their distinctive accessible, vibrant, uncluttered style in all these titles and more.  Indeed, while the complexity of a lot of online slots games can seem daunting to some less tech-savvy players, Eyecon are smart enough to know that simple is sometimes better and simplicity is what Fluffy favourites is all about.  They’re clued-in to timeless themes and expert at providing smart, nostalgic, consistently rewarding gameplay.

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Final Verdict on Fluffy Favourites Slot

Fluffy Favourites offers all the fun of the fair, with far more opportunity of big cash wins.  The bright, cheerful, and adorable appearance of this game sits atop a strong foundation of absorbing, interesting play, and potentially lucrative bonus features.  In short, this slots offering is as cute and cuddly as a stuffed lion, but with all the bite of the real beast.  Roll up, roll up, and grab yourself some wins! If you enjoyed Fluffy Favourites then you might also like Starburst slot.